The Raven

by Rantam



The song is not short by any means (6:36 min) but is anything but boring. It starts with a short and calm rock guitar section to turn into progressive metal. But it doesn't last long: at 2:35 the songs leaves behind all guitars and drums and becomes an orchestral theme, starting quiet and calm, and it evolves constantly, reaching at the end its most epic section. Be patient and listen it until the end, as that is the best part.

This song was created to be used in the Digital Combat Simulator Campaign "Raven One", created by Baltic Dragon and based on the book "Raven One" by Kevin Miller.

I had less than a week to complete the song, so there's a lot of space for improvements. But sometimes this is how this works: a deadline is a deadline.


released July 3, 2020




Rantam Madrid, Spain

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Rantam has loved music since he was a kid. All sorts of music. From classical to the darkest side of metal; from jazz to electronic. He’s a melomaniac to the bone. Not only that: he’s a one man band who has created songs for documentaries, games, etc. Check out for more information. ... more

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