The Fighter Pilot Podcast - 2019 February - Antisubmarine aircraft

by Rantam



The song appeared for first time on episode 38th (February 2nd). This episode featured an interview with an antisubmarine aircraft (S-3 Viking) pilot, and I was requested to create something similar to the soundtrack of submarine movies such as "Crimson tide" or "The hunt for Red October".

I started creating an orchestra oriented song, but also created a more rock oriented one, as that's the style the team usually prefers. As I expected the rock one was chosen, and from that point the song evolved towards a full lead guitar song. Despite of that it kept an orchestral background to support the rock guitars, and it also got a non-rock orchestral intro which includes active sonar pings to add some dramatism.

I only had a few days to create the song, and despite I came up with a more or less acceptable version I don't consider it completed. But this is how thing works when you're on a tight agenda :)

As always the full episode can be listened here (is also available on Spotify, iTunes, etc):


released February 1, 2019




Rantam Madrid, Spain

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Rantam has loved music since he was a kid. All sorts of music. From classical to the darkest side of metal; from jazz to electronic. He’s a melomaniac to the bone. Not only that: he’s a one man band who has created songs for documentaries, games, etc. Check out for more information. ... more

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