The Fighter Pilot Podcast - 2019 December - Bomber month

by Rantam



I recorded the first version of this song back in the 90s. I came up with this kind of heavy "Black Sabbath" riff and played it while a friend played drums. We recorded it on a big garage, which added a large reverb that contributed to that heavy sound.

When I was requested to create a song for bombers' month I remembered that riff, and thought its heavy tempo and sound would fit quite well to a bomber themed song. So, I recorded and mixed it trying to sound similar to the earliest Black Sabbath albums of the 70s.

The guitar, which uses the Laney amp model Tony Iommi used back then, is doubled and panned to the right, while a saturated bass is panned to the left. The guitars' reverb is panned to the left too to create a wider guitar sound, which was a mixing trick used back in those days.

I kept a heavy sound for the drums with a lot of reverb. No fancy playing, just "caveman" playing and fills.

The overall mixing and mastering process tries to bring that vintage sound back too, for example adding some tape noise, etc.

Hope you like it.


released December 2, 2019




Rantam Madrid, Spain

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Rantam has loved music since he was a kid. All sorts of music. From classical to the darkest side of metal; from jazz to electronic. He’s a melomaniac to the bone. Not only that: he’s a one man band who has created songs for documentaries, games, etc. Check out for more information. ... more

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